Are your products vegan?

All of our soap bars, & Bath Spaghetti soaps are VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE.


Is your plastic packaging recyclable?

Our soap bars and Sponges come wrapped in FULLY RECYCLABLE plastic packaging, rather than cheaper, damaging alternatives. 


Why wrap your soap in plastic at all?

Unfortunately, due to the high glycerine content in our soaps, we do need to wrap them in order to retain the moisture. We have tried and tested alternative methods to package our products that unfortunately have not yet worked. We will keep working on this for future. Rest assured though that the packaging on all soap bars is FULLY RECYCLABLE and a soap bar is still a much more eco friendly alternative to liquid hand soap.


Do you do a gift option?

​A selection of our soap bars come in a gift box range and can be found under the gift box tab on our website  


Is glycerine soap good for me?

Glycerine is great for the skin as it helps the skin to retain moisture making soap skincare increasingly popular. As it delivers so much hydration it makes for a great facial soap as it doesn’t clog pores and can leave the skin with a smooth, fresh and dewy look.

Glycerine is an emollient, so it can help soften the skin to relieve dryness and improve your skins protective barrier. This is great if skin conditions leave you with rough and dry patches. As glycerine has antimicrobial properties it can also help protect the skin from harmful microorganisms.


How do I care for my soap?

To help prolong the life of your soap we recommend you leave it out of standing water, ideally in a soap dish with draining holes (like our bamboo dishes) For Bath Spaghetti we recommend keeping in a sealed bag.

TOP TIP: If the soap bar is too big for little hands or you can also cut it in half and wrap the other half back up for later. 


How long does a soap bar last?

On average our soaps last 3-6 months if cared for correctly. This differs from each household and depends how many times the soap is used each day and how the soap is used (eg. Hand soap or body soap) It is important not to use the soap bar in very hot water as this will reduce how long the soap lasts as it may melt the soap. For Bath Spaghetti we would say up to 7 baths depending on use.


Why Bath Spaghetti?

Our Bath Spaghetti is a great way to wash with in the bath (or shower) or to just simply enjoy scenting and leaving the water silky as the fine soap melts away. Great for washing little hands as you only need small amounts. Also a fun way to encourage hand washing and bath time. Makes for a great novelty gift for bath lovers. 


Why Smelliz ? 


Our soaps are simple yet smell incredible. They also make for the perfect pick me up gift for all occasions or treat for yourself at an affordable price. 

Every hand poured soap is lovingly hand made from start to finish in our little soap kitchen from the soaps to the labels and packaging. Our soaps are made in small batches using the finest Vegan ingredients to ensure they are made to the highest quality. 

Each soap is highly fragranced with our very own blends and even double as an air freshener for your bathroom/kitchen  

Our soaps are Ideal as shaving soaps too, providing a thick, foamy lather whilst being kind and gentle to skin.

Did you know? Glycerine based soap can be a good choice for people with dry or sensitive skin.

Great products to wash little hands to enjoy and encourage bath time.

All items are safety assessed and hold a valid CPSR.


Brought to you by Smelliz, specialists in Handmade Vegan Soap