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Smelliz Soap Saver Bag

Simply add a Soap Slice or Sprinkle in our Bath Spaghetti and use in the shower or bath. Rub into wet skin to create a bubble sensation. Rinse thoroughly to leave your skin feeling Pampered and soft.

Great for a gentle exfoliation whilst washing. 

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Handmade Vegan Soap Rainbow Bath Spaghetti Bath Product Colourful Fun Soap In Candyfloss And Bubblegum fragrance

Candy Floss & Bubblegum Bath Spaghetti

Our fabulously fragranced, Soap Spaghetti, is bursting with our Candyfloss & Bubblegum Fragrance Oil & adds an element of fun to your bath. Gently swirl into the bath, lie back and enjoy the pleasant aroma or rub into wet skin to create a bubble sensation. 

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Handmade Vegan Soap Watermelon Fragrance Exfoliating Soap Bar With Poppy Seeds


Our fabulously fragranced, soft, sop bar is enhanced with our Watermelon Fragrance Oil and delicate poppy seeds for a light exfoliation. Gently massage into wet skin to create a cleansing lather. Rinse thoroughly to leave your skin feeling replenished and rejuvenated.

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Handmade Vegan Soap

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Handmade Vegan Soap Almond Milk Fragrance A Hidden Gem Pink Purple Orange And White Soap Bar

Popular Bath Spaghetti

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Customer Reviews


One of the best soaps i have EVER great on my sensitive skin too! i couldn't love it anymore.

Katie B

Lovely looking, beautifully presented and most important they SMELL GORGEOUS

Gina F

Amazing soap! So gentle on your skin. Vibrant designs and intoxicating fragrances! 

Jake L

the soaps smell AMAZING!! my hands are lovely and soft and the kids now love to wash their hands... 100% recommend. beautiful products.

Samantha L

The soaps smell and look amazing... They arrived very quickly too with excellent correspondance when ordering. Would definitely recommend these soaps.

Shelley M

i love that its all homemade yet looks so perfect- you can tell pure love and care goes into these products. Whats even better it's suitable for Vegans too! Would highly recommend Smelliz!

Lolly B

Wow!!! This soap smells and looks amazing. It doesnt dry out and leaves your skins soft and smelling amazing. Highly recommend. 

Jackie K

great service, lovely ladies and the soaps smell and look amazing. my daughters and neice love them! very special little gifts! thanks. 

Jemma M