Soap and Sponge - Mix & Match

Soap and Sponge - Mix & Match

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Something for your Hands, Shower, Bath & Body...

Mix & Match your favourite Soap Slice and Soap Sponge

Set Includes:
1x Soap Sponge
1x Soap Slice

 Soap Sponge:

Place under water to activate the bubbly soap. Gently massage into wet skin to exfoliate and cleanse. Rinse thoroughly to leave your skin feeling pampered and refreshed. 

Soap Slice:

Our bright and bubbly soap slices are created using the finest quality ingredients, from our vegetable based glycerine to our fabulous fragrance oils. Not only are they Antibacterial, they are free from SLS and SLES, making them a gentle soap, kind to even sensitive skin. Gently Massage into wet skin to create a cleansing lather. Rinse Thoroughly to leave your skin feeling soft and enriched.